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Looking for GORPtravel? You found it! We've revamped and are excited to present you with the new makes comparison shopping for active trips easier and faster with a new look and feel and more intuitive search.

Whether it's a bicycle tour of Tuscany, a rafting trip on the majestic Colorado River, or trekking through a forest to an eco-lodge, still brings you exciting trips from top guided-tour operators and ranches across the globe. The trips are now easier to find, and you'll be in contact with the tour operators in no time.

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Going Dutch

Operated by Intrepid Urban Adventures

from USD $ 38 for 1 day in Netherlands.

Explore the city center with a small group and local guide for three hours of interesting stories about the city?s history and current happenings.? This tour is so intimate you feel like you hired a personal guide for the day. A great way to get inform...

Little Tibet

Operated by Explore

from USD $ 1,600 for 15 days in India.

Accompany us on a journey across the great Himalayas to ?Little Tibet?: the ancient Buddhist enclave of Ladakh on India?s northern border. Here we enjoy walks, discover mountain caves and visit Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries. We take one of the world?s h...

Devilish Tasmania

Operated by Sierra Club Outings

from USD $ 5,195 for 12 days in Australia.

Tour the wild island of Tasmania.

Cycling Piemonte

Operated by Experience Plus! Bicycle Tours

from USD $ 3,455 for 8 - 11 days in Italy.

Enjoy this tour in northern Italy as you savor the culinary specialties of both Italian and French influences, view castles, and ride through vineyards. If you would like to add the Lakes District, check out our 11-day tour.

Turkey Family Adventure

Operated by G Adventures

from USD $ 1,199 for 8 days in Turkey.

Step inside history, participate in creating fun traditional crafts, and return to a pristine beach each day. Turkey is a natural and cultural playground, making for a fun and fascinating trip for parents and kids alike.



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