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Looking for GORPtravel? You found it! We've revamped and are excited to present you with the new makes comparison shopping for active trips easier and faster with a new look and feel and more intuitive search.

Whether it's a bicycle tour of Tuscany, a rafting trip on the majestic Colorado River, or trekking through a forest to an eco-lodge, still brings you exciting trips from top guided-tour operators and ranches across the globe. The trips are now easier to find, and you'll be in contact with the tour operators in no time.

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Everest Base Camp and Kalapatar

Operated by Myths and Mountains

from USD $ 2,495 for 18 days in Nepal.

Join us, during these busy times, on one of the world's greatest treks up to Kalapatar and Everest Base Camp. Here, after struggling to climb up to 19,000 feet, you can gaze across at a mountain that is 10,000 feet higher than you are and be humbled!

Shaman Festival and Artistic Heritage of Amdo

Operated by Myths and Mountains

from USD $ 5,695 for 13 days in Tibet, China.

As you watch, drumbeats reverberate in the air, men are piercing their cheeks or backs, ritual dances are being performed by men in strange dress. Here, in far off Amdo, witness shamanic festivals in three different villages - Mayba, Skkyi, and Lhanggya.

Meet different types of shamans; hear about their traditions and their gods, in various parts of the country - the Andes, the middle hills and the rainforest. Pass late nights in the shamans' homes and participate in their powerful rituals.

Imagine waking up at dawn to see sunrise at Preah Vihar. Picture yourself sleeping in comfortable safari tents in the Cambodian jungle with first-class service and delicious food. Enjoy prestigious hotels and explore Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Escape To the Amazonas River

Operated by Myths and Mountains

from USD $ 3,565 for 9 days in Brazil.

Enjoy an unforgettable expedition voyage into the Amazon rainforest. Beginning in Manaus, you'll travel with your renowned naturalist guides up the Rio Negro visiting places that have not changed for millions of years.


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