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Looking for GORPtravel? You found it! We've revamped and are excited to present you with the new makes comparison shopping for active trips easier and faster with a new look and feel and more intuitive search.

Whether it's a bicycle tour of Tuscany, a rafting trip on the majestic Colorado River, or trekking through a forest to an eco-lodge, still brings you exciting trips from top guided-tour operators and ranches across the globe. The trips are now easier to find, and you'll be in contact with the tour operators in no time.

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Package Trips in East Asia:for Solo Travelers We have 103 trips that match your search.

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Tibet - A Buddhist Legacy

Operated by Myths and Mountains

from USD $ 2,695 for 11 days in Tibet, China.

A boat across the Yarlung Tsampo River, Tibet's first monasteries, snow-covered Himalayas, monks debating religious fine points, walking with pilgrims, sunrise prayers at Lhasa's Jokhang... a never-to-be-forgotten journey to a unique destination!

Yin & Yangtze

Operated by Tucan Travel

from USD $ 2,979 for 15 days in China.

China is a country with an amazing diversity of cultures and landscapes. From bustling urban metropolises with modern skylines to quiet rural villages with ancient temples, China offers a wealth of contrasting experiences.

Four-day Splendor of Great Wall Hiking

Operated by Great Wall Hiking

from USD $ 480 for 4 days in China.

Hike the untouched sectoin of the Great Wall, stay in local farmer's guesthouses and learn the real life of China!

iExplore China Active: Hiking in Yunnan

Operated by iExplore

from USD $ 2,059 for 8 days in China.

With exotic Burma, Laos and Vietnam on one side and Tibet on the other, culturally diverse and ethnically rich Yunnan is one of China's most fascinating regions.

Classic China: Beijing, Xian, Pingyao, Guilin and Shanghai

Operated by Myths and Mountains

from USD $ 3,995 for 13 days in China.

China's trains are a door to the culture and scenery of this fascinatingly diverse country. This journey is an opportunity to experience the historical legacy of China's great cities and towns.


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